TV is Better with Friends

Glidr combines social and streaming into one simple experience


What should I watch?

Find out what your friends are watching and what services they like to use.  Share and trade watch lists for all the popular streaming apps.


That was awesome!

You anticipate the new season, react to a funny scene, or  speculate about what it all means… Connecting with friends makes TV shows and movies better.  Glidr makes it fun to celebrate your fandom.


How much am I paying for all this?

Keep tabs on all of your paid and shared subscriptions.  Add, pause and restart your services to match your needs.  Glidr is your one-stop account management portal.

"It is very engaging, cool and we are always looking for good new shows."
Glidr Member
"This app is like Instagram for TV. Love it!"
Glidr Member
"My picks is one of my favorite features, I love sharing what I’m watching and being able to access from my friends picks at any time!"
Glidr Member