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What are you watching these days?

A little while back, a buddy asked me that question. He gave me half a second to respond before enthusiastically answering his own question. “I’m watching Narcos: Mexico. Season 3 has been awesome… so are you caught up yet?!” He tried to catch his breath, but was eager to discuss the show. We both rank The Godfather (the first 2) among our top 10 movies and he knows I’m a sucker for crime dramas.

So, when my response to seeing Narcos: Mexico was, “Nope. I didn’t see the original one so…” he threw his hands up in the air, looked me directly in the eyes, pausing to see if maybe he had misheard my reply. I could tell he almost felt betrayed.

“Dude! You gotta watch the original!”

And just like that, I scored another great show to watch.

TV is Better with Friends

Glidr believes in the power of personal connections to help you find new shows and services, share your fandom, and manage your streaming life, all in one place. We make discovery fun, and more relevant, by making it social. Browse your friend’s watch lists, post a movie review, and chat about a weekend binge. Build your ultimate watch list AND an audience to enjoy it with!

Glidr connects the world of streaming video

Streaming television is great, though we can all agree that it could be so much better. So many great shows and movies, so little time to decide what to watch. And where is it streaming? Do I need a subscription or do I already have one?

And how much am I paying for all this, anyway?

Glidr brings together the tools to make sense of it all in a simple application experience. We scour the catalogues, packages and promos of all the major streaming providers to offer one look across all of your subscriptions. Search for your favorite show and immediately find out where it’s playing. Track and manage your monthly fees, discover new services and build your own bundle with our unique budgeting scenario tool. We’ll even help you sign up, pause and resume your favorites streamers as your needs and interests change. 

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So, what are you watching these days?